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Table 1
Decade graph for Rural Ace 2008 -May 2019

This is the steady profit graph of the member Rural Ace bets since 2008. It is based on a one unit bet of $100 per selection and members get an update every week. Starting with a $1000 bank we have increased our capital over 3200%. The Profit on Turnover is 26% long term (i.e. for every bet you make you get back on average $126. It is the best long term betting strategy in Australian racing services bar none (but please let me know if anything is better out there!)

MEMBERSHIP UNTIL END JULY 2019 IS only $95 - get on board the profit train!

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Flemington Raceguide - 22 June 2019
Rail: Out 9m Entire Circuit.    Track: SOFT 6   Partly Cloudy (Max: 12)

Ctry Achiever A Coffey (BM78) $75,0001200m
SOFT 6 WT:54.0 Type:BM78 API:5.62 Surface:T The 12 looks well placed here in the benchmark2:05 pm

Galaxy Raider 8 () (Grahame Begg)     Teodore Nugent (a3)  
62.0 41  
Liffeybeau 13 () (Liandra Gray)     Jessica Eaton (a3)  
62.0 42.5 $18.00 
Laure Me In 12 () (Tony Mcevoy)     Michael Poy (a2)  
60.0 44 $9.00 
Well Sprung 4 () (Lyn Tolson & Leonie Proctor)     Jye Mc Neil  
60.0 39.5  
Spring Choice 18 () (Leon & Troy Corstens)     James Winks  
59.0 31.5  
Arancini 3 () (K Corstens)     Damien Oliver  
58.5 42.5 $18.00 
Moor Wanted 1 () (Peter Chow)     Jack Martin (a2)  
58.5 43.5 $11.00 
Eurack 9 () (Nathan Mcpherson)     Craig Williams  
58.0 44 $9.00 
Harbour Grey 14 () (Stephen Brown)     Noel Callow  
58.0 33  
10 70555 
Play Master 11 () (Peter Smith)     Lewis German (a3)  
58.0 39  
11 7140x 
Groundbreak 2 () (Michael & Wayne & John Hawkes)     Dwayne Dunn  
57.0 36.5  
12 132x1 
Street Tough 10 () (Scott Brunton)     Jason Maskiell  
57.0 46.5 $4.60 
13 44152 
Sweet Snitty 5 () (Lloyd Kennewell)     Joe Bowditch  
57.0 43.5 $11.00 
14 000x7 
Spring Tycoon 17 () (Andrew Noblet)     Daniel Stackhouse  
56.5 33  
15 40115 
Strategic Force 7 () (Symon Wilde)     Luke Currie  
56.5 39.5  
16 6x186 
Tough Missile 15 () (Ray Worbey)     Fred W Kersley (a2)  
56.0 40.5  
E17 6x614 
The Card Players 16 () (Mark Lewis)     Chelsea Macfarlane (a3)  
56.5 42.5 $18.00 
E18 17x21 
Greetings Ned 6 () (Peter Smith)     Daniel Stackhouse  
55.5 44 $9.00 


For those that want a super easy staking approach that suits the Tajodds.com best bets for members we recommend:

1. Use 1% of your punting bank per unit bet. This means that if your REAL bank for punting has $5000 in the account, you bet $50 per unit

2. Back each runner to win with 1 unit if that selection is under $10
3. Back each runner with 1 unit (25% win and 75% place) if the selection can be backed at $10 or over

If you want something more refined that takes advantage of the overlays available and manages risk you can use the KELLY approach. Just enter the total bank (e.g. $5000), the decimal odds you can get (the best odds you got e.g. 7.00), the % chance you rated the horse (e.g. .20 if a $5.00 chance). The formula will tell you to bet $55.50 on this scenario


Of course you would only ever bet when your assessed price is overs to what you intend taking!

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