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How To Assess a Race

Tajodds rated 4 horses a chance in the 2010 Golden Slipper. You will see in the Div column the price Tajodds assessed each horse at a 90% market (that is a market with 10% in YOUR favour). We rated Crystal Lily to win and considered she was value at $3.40. She won at twice those odds. We rated Decision Time $6.00 and he started $31 and massive overs running second. More Strawberries was rated short at $4.00 and started double figure odds. They were all great value on the day. The trifecta paid $1391. Not all races pan out so well, but it does explain how we rate a price. If you can't get that price race day don't back the horse (unless you are betting exotics such as Trifectas or Pick 4s or Quaddies). 
2010 Aami Golden Slipper1200m
 8 API:63.274:05 pm
QUIN $88.00 EXACTA $164  TRIF $1391

Brightexpectations 4 (Ms G Waterhouse)  Nash Rawiller   
56.5 53.5  
Hinchinbrook 5 (Gerald Ryan)  Darren Beadman   
56.5 44  
Decision Time 2 (Clarry Conners) BVR2ND  Craig Williams   
56.5 58.5 $6.00 
Beneteau 6 (Paul Messara)  Michael Rodd   
56.5 49  
Carved In Stone 10 (Tim Martin)  Tye Angland   
56.5 45.5  
Military Rose 8 (Gillian Heinrich)  Stathi Katsidis   
54.5 59.5 $3.45 
Chance Bye 3 (Michael Tubman)  Kathy O'Hara   
54.5 47.5  
Crystal Lily 1 (Mathew Ellerton & Simon Zahra)  1ST  Brett Prebble   
54.5 59.5 $3.40 
Shaaheq 15 (David Hayes)  Steve Arnold   
54.5 42.5  
10 x13 
Solar Charged 13 (John O'Shea)  Hugh Bowman   
54.5 53.5  
11 x25 
Lohan 7 (Tim Martin)  Jay Ford   
54.5 44.5  
12 136 
Georgette Silk 9 (Clarry Conners)  Glen Boss   
54.5 46.5  
13 x12 
Obsequious 12 (Peter Snowden)  Kerrin Mc Evoy   
54.5 46.5  
14 125 
Elimbari 11 (Kris Lees)  Glyn Schofield   
54.5 43.5  
15 22 
More Strawberries 14 (Ms G Waterhouse)  3RD  Damien Oliver   
54.5 59 $4.00

Aami Golden Slipper $3,500,0001200m
2 API:83.73:50 pm

1 x11
Pierro 1 (Ms Gai Waterhouse)VALUE $7 1stNash Rawiller
56.5 58.5 $3.10
2 x12
Epaulette 4 (Peter Snowden)Kerrin Mc Evoy
56.5 52.5
3 112
Raceway 9 (Ms Gai Waterhouse)Hugh Bowman
56.5 55.5 $7.50
4 6x4
Amorino 2 (Gerald Ryan)Steve Arnold
56.5 43.5
5 x25
Faustus 13 (John O'Shea)Jim Cassidy
56.5 45.5
6 21
Ashokan 14 (John O'Shea)James Mcdonald
56.5 48.5
7 322
Narcissus 12 (Peter Snowden)Peter Robl
56.5 47
8 23
Shelford 15 (John O'Shea)Brett Prebble
56.5 48.5
9 111
Samaready 11 (Mick Price)Craig Newitt
54.5 57 $4.60
10 122
No Looking Back 3 (Ms Gai Waterhouse)Craig Williams
54.5 55 $9.50
11 111
Driefontein 8 (Ms Gai Waterhouse)Tommy Berry
54.5 55.5 $7.50
12 121
Jade Marauder 16 (Chris Waller)Glyn Schofield
54.5 53
13 114
Snitzerland 7 (Gerald Ryan)Corey Brown
54.5 50.5
14 142
Cavalry Rose 5 (Gerald Ryan)Christian Reith
54.5 47
15 114
Doubtfilly 6 (Stuart Kendrick)Damien Oliver
54.5 48.5
16 135
Later Gator 10 (Ms Gai Waterhouse)Luke Nolen
54.5 50

How to find out the "base rating" of a horse

The 'base' rating is the horses best run this preparation, or if first up, their best rating last preparation. A rating is calculated for every run a horse has so the 'base' is the best of these. To find the 'base' you need to understand class and handicapping ratings. A high quality Group One race may be rated as a 66Kg race, whilst a Maiden event at packenham may be rated a 40Kg race or 26Kg different in class. Here are two examples:
Kingston Town wins the Cox Plate rated a 64Kg race and he carries 59Kg in weight. he suffered no interference and the race was run clean and did not run wide. The 'limit' weight for the race was 51Kg so he carried 8Kg at WFA conditions (51 + 8 = 59Kg) so his 'base' here is the class 64 + weight  8Kg = 72Kg
Zephyr Dot wins a Class 1 event rated 43Kg for class and carries 55Kg in a 51 limit race so rates 47Kg (43 + 4).
1.5Kg = 1 length so if they finish 2 lengths back you minus 3kg off their base. You also adjust for wide running, checks, bad draws or runs in races etc as this is where knowledge = value
Just as a guide here are some of our "class" ratings
3yo restricted  = 45Kg
3yo open city = 50Kg
Restricted Hcp City = 52Kg
Open City Hcp = 56Kg

What is age improvement?
Horses improve naturally as they mature and thus so do their ratings. Some sprinting types mature quickly and can jump ratings 4-5Kg easily from 2yo to 3yo. Some staying types can improve steadily each year from 3, 4 5 and 6 but rarely improve from 7yo.
It is risky betting when there are horses first up with age improvement because it is difficult to assess. Avoid betting where the main chances are first up.

What about form improvement and patterns?
This could fill a book! Each horse has its own form pattern from steady increase, trough pattern where they build up to their best after 4 starts, plateau, then decline, or occasionally start high and simply decline. Some trainers have this pattern as well!!
Check out Racing and Sports ratings graphs for horses and it gives a great picture of these patterns and helps you predict next start. Email us if you don't understand.

How do you assess "pace" in a race?
Essentially experience of the beasts themselves and the jockeys. It is important though, much more so than barriers! racing & Sports have a speed map tool but it is very average in accuracy. Expertform has a better one but it is costly! We give horses a bonus of up to 3kg if they are likely to race on the pace in a slow run race, and up to -3.0 if out the back in a slow run race etc
The impact of weight?

We typically use a 51Kg 'limit' for most races. So, if a horses is carrying 56Kg it is 5Kg over the limit and this 5kg gets taken off their race day rating. Some horses handle big weights better than others (e.g. Desert War) so we need to be wary of being too methodic with this factor.

Looking at track/distance and barriers

How do you pull it all together to get a race rating?
Easy! Look at our ratings for the big races.
Desert War in the Queen Elizabeth has a 'base' rating this time of 65.0 but his previous form patterns suggest he can run a 68 now so it is +3.0 Kg on his base (or form improvement). He gets 1.0 for consistency in winning (winning horses keep winning, losers keep losing), track bonus of 1.0 because he goes well at randwick and 1.5 bonus for distance where he rates highest. He carries 59 at WFA so -8.0 Kg from a 51 limit. Minus 1.5 for Blake Shinn(-3.0 is an average jockey rating)His rating is thus 65+3+1.0+1.5-1.5-8.0 = 61.0

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